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Updated: Jul 14, 2023

13 July - The Boardwalk, Glasgow

This event has been self-funded by volunteers. If you can afford to pay more than your ticket price then any support you can give will help cover venue hire and event costs. Click here to donate.

Simon Jay: Permacrisis

Company: Simon Jay

Let character comedian and born-again stand-up Simon Jay guide you through the permacrisis, offering hope to an embittered public. More importantly, is there even a place to be an unapologetic, autistic, non-binary, left-wing, queer vegetarian who wants to tell unbelievably filthy jokes?

Break Up With Your Boyfriend

Company: Scylla's Bite

Cassie is a hot mess. Jo is playing it cool. When a sleepover erupts with a phone-call break-up, two women get ready to light it up and burn it down. An upbeat, queer and honest exploration of consent, self-love and healing. Cassie and Jo invite you into their rom-com gone wrong.

Captain Avaritia's Carnival of Wonders

The Captain's Carnival is in town, and Amy's brother is missing. Will she find him without having to pay a terrible price? Is there anyone here that she can trust? The acts may not be all they seem but never fear, a full evening's variety of entertainment is guaranteed!


Why Am I Like This?

"After 30 years of being both too much and not enough, believing herself to be utterly inept at being a person, and asking herself Why Am I Like This? but never finding an answer that fits - Nicole stumbles upon the four letters that change everything - ADHD."


Bampots. Noun. 1. (Scotland, slang, derogatory) An idiot; an objectionable and foolish person. What’s Scotland without the people? This debut play from Haud Yer Wheesht Theatre explores what it means to be Scottish! From challenging the stereotypes to embracing our flaws you’ll be taken on a tour of our homeland and shown the stories of the bampots that live here! Expect loud music, lots of swearing and high energy as we use a ceilidh rave to tell the stories of the people that make our country. There is truly no better way to experience the Edinburgh Fringe.

Q&A with The Fringe Society

Alan Gordon: registration and venues manager and Kirsty Fraser, Artist Development Manager


The Play Full producing team met at an event hosted by Playwrights’ Studio Scotland and we are incredibly grateful for the organisation’s ongoing support of the project. Thank you also to the Tron Theatre for providing a rehearsal space for us through their Making Space programme.

Thanks to Ryan Rutherford for designing our graphics and for tonight’s event photography.


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