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A playwright and a dramaturg sit at a table discussing a script.


Play Full are back with our first Scratch Night of 2024!


Following sold out events in 2023, we are holding our next Scratch Night on 29th April 2024 at Civic House in Glasgow.

Actor Call Out

We are now accepting applications from actors who are interested in scratch performance of new works by talented emerging playwrights and theatre makers.

To apply, you should be based in Scotland and available on the evening of 29th April, and for a short rehearsal during the day (roughly 90 minutes depending on schedule). We are asking interested actors to submit their existing showreel, a taped monologue, or any other form of media they believe showcases their skill. 


We are casting the following roles:

  • Harlow: Any gender, early 30s

  • Adi: Any gender, early 30s

  • Moran: Any gender, mid 30s

  • Servant 1: Any gender or age

  • Rehardinax (Richard): Male, late 20s

  • Avery: Female, early 20s

  • Chantal: Female, middle-aged

  • Jason: Male, middle-aged

  • Jen: Female, 40s - early 50s

  • Kat: Female, 40s - early 50s 

  • Simon: Male, early 40s

  • Will: Male, late teens (actor must be over 18)


*More detailed character descriptions can be found below.


How does it work?

  • Fill out our Actors call-out form

  • Our team will cast the advertised roles based on character description and the needs of the play. 

  • If selected, you will receive your character and a copy of the 10-15 minute piece that you’ll be performing in. You will be introduced via email to your director and any cast members prior to the rehearsals. 

  • On the day of the Scratch Night on 29th April, you will attend a roughly 90 minute long rehearsal with your director to stage this piece script-in-hand. You may be joined by the writer in the rehearsal if they wish to attend.

  • At the event, you’ll perform the piece in front of our incredibly supportive audience (made up of industry creatives and theatre lovers), and there will be the opportunity afterwards to network and connect.

  • At the end of the night, the audience will give feedback and answers to questions given by the writer on post-it notes for them to take away to feed into the future development of the work.


How to apply

  • Before applying please make sure you are available to attend both a 90-minute (approximately) rehearsal, and the scratch performance on the 29th April 2024.

  • Submit this actor call out form by 12th April at 23:59

As an unfunded event with a small volunteer team, this opportunity is unpaid but, if travel costs are a barrier to attendance, we strive to reimburse these.


Role Descriptions:



About 33 years old. Commander of a compound. Host of the party, works in the military. Married to Adi, love of their life. Practical, but appreciates finer things. Wine and whiskey drinker in public, Irish cream when alone or with Adi. 



About 32 years old. Spouse to Harlow, organizer & host of the party. Cousin to Paz & Shiloh. Charming, gracious, social butterfly. Often pragmatic, but not always. Deeply afraid of losing what they have. 



About 34 years old. Butler to Harlow & Adi. Generational butler, parents served Harlow’s. Grew up with Harlow and treasures the moments they both forget about their status. Ambitious and “sleeping” with Nata. 



A new servant in the household, terrified of messing up.



Late 20s, male.



Female, in her early 20s, the only daughter of Chantal and Jason



Female, middle-aged, Avery’s mother, financial manager



male, middle-aged, Avery’s father, senior geotechnical engineer



40s - early 50s, Kat's wife/ Will's mum/ Simon's sister - Solicitor. Smart and competitive. Runs at a level of high stress but seems to have it all together. 



40s - early 50s, Jen's wife/ Will's mum - Will's biological and birth mother. Book editor. Has an infectious smile and naturally calm demeanour. Instantly likeable. 



Early 40s, Jen's brother - Will's sperm donor/biological father - Builder. Effortlessly cool but growing a bit too old for it. Ready to grow up and settle down.



15 (please note: the actor must be over 18), Jen and Kat’s son. A typical moody teenage boy. Into football and computer games. 

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