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29th April Scratch Night Writers & Plays!

Updated: Apr 3

We are thrilled to announce the line up of writers and their work being presented on the 29th of April at Civic House in Glasgow.

(Please Do) Look Back in Anger by Emre Arslanbek

Two people from a nonexisting country find each other far away from their home and they start to question, what is home? what language does love speak? Is it okay to change your personality to blend in? Is it possible to actually blend in?

Meltdown by Wren Brian

In an upper middle-class villa in the country military Commander Harlow wants a demure work dinner with colleagues, but spouse Adi has turned it into a lavish party. Never mind there’s a bit of a war going on, tonight is all about enjoying life. At least that’s the plan.

UNCLE by Lynsey Cullen

When Jen’s (50s) brother Simon (40s) unexpectedly moves back from Sydney, she can’t control her jealousy as her teenage son grow increasingly close to his uncle (his biological father). The play asks all the painful questions we're not supposed to ask about identity, parenthood, and love in a queer family.

Julia & the Not All Bad Jazz Band by Garrick Douglas Pagel

A young girl struck with the grief of losing her mother looks to a life sized doll and jazz music for the answers. Haunted by childhood memories of her mother, Julia tries to construct the necessary elements to relive one of those memories. To dance with her mother again.

An Electric Shock by Linton Zhang

Following the sudden death of a construction worker, a seemingly unrelated family finds themselves mired in the aftermath. In a time of compassion and grief, the family is compelled to confront what they've deeply buried as intolerable and insufferable. The story explores a traumatized childhood and unfulfilled middle-class dreams.

Scratch night tickets will be available soon. Subscribe using the contact form on the website to be the first to know or follow us on social media!

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